A disclaimer concerning links to book vendors on this site

When I link my website to book pages on some vendors' sites, I do this to help those interested in the given book to

What I am not doing is

When I wish to endorse a book, I do so specifically, stating why I think the book is valuable, and for what. Linking to a book is not an endorsment, but an acknowledgement that the book is commonly-used standard text on a subject. While I try to give useful lists of books for reference, you must use your own common sense and good judgement: If you try to buy even the most commonly used texts in an area, you are likely to go broke and run out of shelf space.

Most of my links to books are to Amazon. I do this because

I don't particularly like Amazon these days. In the past, I used to shop there more often. These days I try to shop elsewhere. I am not making any money by linking to Amazon, nor do I consider this venue appropriate for my website.

Author: Mayer Goldberg

Date: 2011-02-20 14:55:01 IST