Undergraduate Projects

My main requirements from people who do projects with me are

If you wish to participate in any of these projects, please contact me by email.

Table of Contents

1 Open Projects

1.1 2011-08-15 Mon A library for manipulating PDF objects

I'm interested in a library for creating, working with, & manipulating PDF objects. In fact, I'm interested in two libraries – one for Scheme and the other for ML.

  • Pre-requisites: Compiler construction
  • Languages: Scheme, ML

1.2 2011-08-14 Sun A PDF analysis tool

I'm interested in a utility that can analyse and collect information from PDF files. This project involves creating a simple GUI-based application that will take one of several requests, perform a search, and synthesize a report. For a number of reasons this is not as trivial a project as this description might lead you to believe, and currently, this functionality is not provided by any available tool, either open source or commercial.

  • Pre-requisites: Being a hacker
  • Languages: Java or Python

1.3 2011-06-01 Wed A Scheme interface to gnuplot

Gnuplot is a powerful, open-source package for plotting data. It has a nasty syntax, though, and lots of options. I would like to be able to generate correct gnuplot scripts from within Scheme, using a more reasonable syntax, that is less prone to errors. This will enable me to generate correct scripts faster. I have a basic idea for the syntax, and I would like someone to help me implement it.

  • Pre-requisites: Compiler construction
  • Languages: Scheme, gnuplot (you can learn it while on the project)

1.4 2011-06-01 Wed DRM/VM

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a technology used to enforce contractual & legal aspects of software sale & ownership. DRM is typically implemented as a hardware solution. In this project, we shall investigate how best to incorporate DRM capabilities into a virtual machine, to achieve flexibility, speed, and platform-independence.

  • Pre-requisites: Compiler construction, APL (Advanced Programming Languages), or equivalents, or willingness to learn about threaded code.
  • Languages: C

Take Projects

1.5 2011-07-12 Tue A [commercial] social networking application for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

A friend of mine is interested in a group of students who would like to implement a social networking application that combines realistic geographical information with game-like qualities, to create a captivating social environment that is fun & useful. My friend has experience in graphical design, product management, and the group will need to work closely with him. More specific details, by appointment.

  • Pre-requisites: Experience with Objective-C or willingness to learn it
  • Languages: Objective-C

Date: 2011-08-15 13:36:16 IDT